Friday, March 18, 2011

VW uses multiple channels for newest marketing campaign

Gotta love when companies integrate their marketing strategies. I mean, why not. It makes more sense that way because it offers a consistent and more cohesive vision. Consumers can easily associate each channel to the same brand. And, this is a very creative use of a print ad. Why not make it interactive. Companies are finding that consumers respond more to interactive marketing. And, of course iPhones are the "it" thing at the moment, so why not offer an interactive app that showcases their products.

The only thing with mobile marketing is that it limits your reach, so if you can show part of the campaign in print then you fill some of that gap. I admit I haven't seen the print ad in person and I haven't actually tried the app out so I don't actually know how successful it is or how easy it is to use. That said, from what I can tell it looks pretty cool. Plus, it is from VW and they usually have very clever marketing (I know that isn't a very good reason, but I'm going to go with it for now).

Let me know your thoughts.

Side note: It looks like the video has been removed from YouTube, so I guess we'll have to go by the image and article I found on

Monday, March 7, 2011

Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

Check it out, my friends at Target did it again with an awesome fashion-light show in New York. Very proud to have worked beside these innovative individuals.

TED | Ads Worth Spreading | Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

AND, they won an award from TED. Bravo! Another event done well by Target.

Deliver a lot of happiness

Coke took their Happiness Machine campaign mobile and international. After the success of the Coke Happiness Machine (with 3.2 million hits on You Tube) they created a branded Happiness Truck that brings cheer to patrons with a free pop. The Happiness Truck creates an exciting, feel-good experience for consumers that they don't expect. No one expects to get a free Coke let alone a free surf board on the street from a truck.

When someone sees a Coca-Cola truck parked on the street you probably think nothing of it. But, by simply adding a call to action (push button) all it takes is one curious person to create a full blown event. I do find it interesting that all it took was some simple branding and a push button to attract its first consumer. I applaud them for not splashing a huge message on the side of the adds to the surprise and delight concept, or in their words "Deliver a little happiness."

Passers by lined up to get a better look at the truck and to get a free Coke. Coke didn't stop there which makes it that much better. Creating exclusive and random giveaways along with the free Coke gives another level to the experience. Consumers are thrilled to find out that they are one of few who got a beach ball or a pair of red sunglasses. And we all know how much people love free things. The funny thing is that you still need to be mindful and creative when it comes to the giveaway. If Coke was giving away something that wasn't relevant, like a mouse pad or luggage tags for example, consumers wouldn't be as excited about it and they most likely wouldn't use it again. If the truck is at a beach like it was in Brazil why wouldn't you give away sunglasses and beach balls. It sounds simple, but it makes sense. Too many companies make the mistake of giving away random things. The more creative and relevant the giveaway the more likely the consumer will reuse it.

I think the best part of the campaign is the viral component. 3.2 million hits on You Tube is incredible! As of today the Happiness Truck has close to a million hits and it was just posted a month ago. Just seeing the smiles on everyone's face is what marketers dream of. What a great campaign. It definitely makes you forget that Coca-Cola is not good for you :) Now the question is....what is Pepsi doing to keep up?

Back in action

It has been a LONG time since I blogged about anything. Life got in the way and I couldn't keep up with the blog. But, I'm determined to keep it alive, so hopefully I'll be able to blog at least once a week. There are so many things going on that I can't wait to share. Here goes nothing...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Barbie gets a brand makeover

This is a fascinating article about the updates to the Barbie brand. Barbie is a prime example of how a successful brand can create multiple subrands causing confusion and a lack of cohesion. I look forward to seeing the updated packaging and marketing surrounding the ONE Barbie logo and pantone color. Everyone should be able to call out the Barbie logo and to immediately identify that PMS 219 equals Barbie. It may seem minor to some, but consistency is key.

Snapple - you can learn from this. (reference to my previous post about Snapple having multiple logos on their various products)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jet Blue lands in a parking garage


I love creative marketing and I think JetBlue did just that with a recent out-of-home strategy. With the help of Carspaze, JetBlue transformed a section of a parking garage into a whole new experience. The creative features a huge billboard for JetBlue and tops it off with runway lines and clever messaging. I think it is refreshing and creative to bring out of home marketing into a typically dark and depressing venue. I would love to see car manufacturers take advantage of these new ad placements.

Not sure that car manufactures will listen to me, but I suggest utilizing this as a model to "pimp out" a few parking spaces for your customers. For instance, BMW should have a BMW owner section that showcases the look and feel of the brand and creates a feeling of being a VIP. Obviously you can't actually reserve the spaces for BMW drivers, but it would be interesting to see how disruptive and impactful the marketing would be. It not only brings awareness to non-BMW customers of their commitment to customer service, but it also makes BMW customers feel that much more important and a part of the family building more brand loyalty.

Just a thought for all you car makers out there. It is a tough economy and customer satisfaction and loyalty is one of the only things keeping you afloat. If you do decide to use my idea I'll be expecting a thank you card with a big check in the mail shortly.

Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drugstores makeover their beauty department

The economy has truly changed the way people shop for everything. So, when drugstores noticed that women still want their premium beauty products, but at a lower price they ramped up their strategy. CVS and Walgreens have both redesigned their in-store experience by creating a destination for beauty.

CVS transformed their beauty department into a spa-like boutique. In addition to selling beauty supplies in select stores they are also offering spa services such as facials and manicures. The new boutique is attached to the drugstore through a breezeway offering a separate entrance. The objective of the new boutique would be a destination for those who want department quality product and experience.

Walgreens has a similar strategy, but instead of building a boutique onto the original store they are updating the current beauty section within a few of their stores. The new beauty department features a bright and spacious layout that has a similar feeling as the department store makeup counter.

Both stores plan to roll out these new concepts to more stores this year. Although the idea of updating their beauty department is definitely a good idea, especially with the focus on updating the shopping experience, I'm not sure they will reach the consumer they are hoping for. People shop drugstores for quick shopping solutions. To create a boutique atmosphere you are inviting the customer to spend longer in the department, which should increase sales. Although this is no doubt the objective, these drug stores need to do a great deal of brand positioning to inform consumers of their updated shopping experience. They should truly leverage the more welcoming in-store experience and rely heavily on word of mouth. I'm looking forward to seeing the activation in a store to judge for myself. If any of you have seen one of these test stores I would love to post photos. [Chicago Tribune]